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is a family owned and operated full service automotive repair facility that has been serving the Topeka area since 1997. Come inside and you will find owners D.J and Jenny Manis working alongside their top-notch staff that help maintain the highest level of service quality. D.J. started working at Automotion in 1997 while attending Shawnee Heights High School. In 2005 D.J. purchased the company. Since 2005 Automotion has moved into a larger facility, added well trained, certified and experienced staff and grown to a productive staff.

Unlike our larger competitors

our skilled and moderate staff size allows us to be efficient in not only cost of repairs but also maintain the highest level of quality. Another unconventional mainstay you will find at Automotion is the technician working on your vehicle will also be the person that you talk to to determine the correct repairs for your vehicle. This not only eliminates any confusion on repairs but also allows you as our customer to ask pointed questions and receive accurate, straight forward answers. You will usually get multiple options on repairs based on your goals and the technician can go over the pros and cons of each option.

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At Automotion

we enjoy all types of vehicles and repairs big or small. We service foreign and domestic, new, classic or hot rods. You never know what you’ll see in our service bay on any given day. Have a newer vehicle that is still under warranty? That’s not an issue either. We happily maintain your new vehicle per the manufactures guide lines to maintain that new car warranty and provide years of service life beyond that warranty.

Classic cars

will always be around but you will find very few shops willing to take the time to track down hard to find parts or have the knowledge to handle diagnostics and repair needs on a classic vehicle. The base of knowledge required to service 120 years of vehicles and thousands of different makes and models requires constant study. Most people who were familiar with these older systems are not around anymore and very few modern day technicians are not willing to take the time to learn these older systems as needed. We take pride in working on these older vehicles to preserve our automotive history.

All of our services are reported to Carfax.

Having an accurate and consistent service history on your vehicle will not only extend the life of your investment but also add to your vehicles value when you are ready to sell your vehicle. It has have been proven time and again that not only having extensive service records adds to the value of a used vehicle but services that were performed by a consistent and reputable source adds further value.
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